Official Acoustica Website

What We Do

Acoustica provides professional acoustic entertainment featuring great harmonies, several guitars, a lead singer,acoustic bass and a percussionist for a full but laidback sound.

Who We Are

We are seasoned musicians who play a wide variety of rock, soft rock music that touches upon many generations and audience tastes.

IMG 8028webchris tyoIMG 8033webIMG 8029web michael putorti

Acoustica of Rochester is from left to right : Michael Panessa, Chris Tyo, Jeff Snopkowski, Zach Reed, Michael Putorti

Who We Cover

Tom Petty, Violent Femmes, CCR, The Who, Tears for Fears, Eagles, Tracy Chapman, Fuel, Pink Floyd, Bad Company, James, Bon Jovi, Poison, Rupert Holmes, The Allman Brothers and many more


Where We're Playing

Saturday, September 16th
9 pm till 12 am
The Cottage Hotel
Mendon , NY

Thursday, November 9th
6 pm till 8 pm
Sly Fox Tavern
Irondequoit, NY

Sunday Nov. 26th
Three Heads Brewing
186 Atlantic Ave,
Rochester, NY 14607

Saturday, December 9th,
8 pm to 10 pm
Scotland Yard Pub
Rochester , NY



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